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We've Waterproofed 10,000+ Northeast Ohio Basements!

Add Value & Living Space to

Your Home!

Interstate Systems, Inc., fully insured and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating, has a vast array of waterproofing experience to handle your problem quickly and dependably, including:

  • Basement wall rebuilds

  • Down spouts

  • Glass block windows

  • French drains

  • Dry wells

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Our Process

  • First, the concrete is removed approximately one foot around the area to be treated

  • Next, a ditch is dug and perforated pipe is installed leading around the area to a sump pump

  • While everything is opened up, weep holes are drilled at the bottom of the block to allow the water to drain out of the block and into the system

  • After that, white vinyl sheets are hung on the walls

  • Finally, the ditch is filled with gravel and re-cemented

For some homes, we may recommend some exterior water deterrents. Some of those could include downspout lines, french drains, dry wells, grading the yard away from the house, or excavating around the home and sealing from the outside.

Once all of the waterproofing is complete, you will have more living area in your home. You could add an office, exercise room, family room, or even additional bedrooms to your new found living space.

Wet Basement Facts

Ground water build up is one of the main reasons for water problems in the basement and can seep into a basement through cracks in the floor or walls, along the seam where the floor and walls meet, or through the block. If these problems are not remedied surface water will run down the wall, it will meet with the ground water causing even more pressure. Pressure causes the water to run to the point of least resistance. Over time, more serious problems may occur such as bowing walls and the wearing away of mortar joints in the wall causing the wall to need to be either stabilized or rebuilt.

Problems caused by water in the basement may include:

  • Destruction of personal property

  • Huge replacement bills and lost memories

  • Unhealthy mold and mildew issues

  • Exterior waterproofing

  • Grate boxes

  • Sump pump Installation

  • Battery backups

Cracks in a foundation are another reason for water problems in a basement and are normally caused by:

  • Tree Roots

  • Structure settling

  • Too much weight (ie: driveway, garage)

  • Expanding and contracting of floors and walls

Improper exterior drainage is a common issue that can lead to a wet basement and can be a result of:

  • Gutters needing to be cleaned out

  • Downspouts needing to channel water away from the foundation

  • The ground grade needing to be sloped away from the structure

  • Water collecting near the structure and needing channeled away

Interstate Systems, Inc. Waterproofing Warranty

  • Life of the structure warranty

  • Transferable upon sale of the property

  • Covers labor and materials in treated area

  • No additional cost to maintain our warranty

We do not, however, cover damages due to power outages, sewer backup, flood conditions, sump pump malfunctions, downspout malfunctions, or any drain-related issues.


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